Ballarpur Industries to revive Kamalapuram paper mill

Ballarpur Industries is set to revive its Kamalapura paper mill in Managalpet Mandal in Warrangal district of Telangana. The paper mill was shut due to unfavourable circumstances in the market. The state government is providing a subsidy package to revive the paper mill in the interest of 2000 employees. The total subsidy will be Rs. 300 million for the plant and this includes a subsidy of Rs. 90 million per annum on supply of power and Rs. 210 million subsidy per annum on wood pulp. The State will extend this subsidy to the company for seven years subject to certain conditions.

In September 2018, the company has revived its plans to invest Rs. 1250 million towards the project.

Company Profile : Ballarpur Industries Ltd

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